World Mental Health Day

Posted on 17th October 2023 by FilmFixer

We need to remember to look after our own mental health. It’s been a hard few years with Covid and the ongoing strikes and we at FilmFixer take these challenges very seriously.


For #worldmentalhealthday the brilliant @filmtvcharity are there for those who work behind the scenes in film, TV or cinema, The Film and TV Charity and there are to support you. Whether you’re a researcher or a writer, in casting or production, editing or sales, distribution or exhibition, they’re ready to help.


You can expect a friendly ear at the end of their 24/7 Support Line (0800 054 0000), as well as access to financial advice and support, and help with everything from mental wellbeing, discrimination and harassment, to a whole host of practical tools and resources.


FilmFixer are doing their best to support our team’s mental health and our very own Alexandra Healy has recently trained to become a Well Being Facilitator with 6ft From the Spotlight.


What is a WBF?

A WBF is an independent, highly trained expert who works closely with producers and crew to support everyone in the creation of a mentally healthy production. WBFs are a visible presence on productions and take an action-based approach that generates real change.


Meeting the industry’s challenges

It can be difficult to prioritise thriving, healthy teams amid the environment of tight budgets, short deadlines, long hours and Covid. It’s no easy task to manage the general demands of delivering content in a fast-paced creative environment.


The role of WBF is there to support productions to overcome these challenges and help them look after their crew so they can flourish and deliver their best work on a production. 


Alexandra has always wanted to pursue a career in the Film & TV industry that allowed her to utilise her natural qualities of empathy, compassion, and understanding. Through first-hand experiences witnessing challenging behaviours on sets, she has developed a genuine passion for creating a healthier working environment within the industry. ⁠


Alexandra became a WBF to help crew in preventing stress, mental health issues, bullying, harassment, and discrimination – which aligns well with her own values. She’s always been dedicated to robustly supporting colleagues by addressing these challenges head on. More recently Alexandra has recognised the pressing need for increased safeguarding and care within the industry.